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Hire dedicated programmers, hire programmers in India, hire high skilled dedicated programmers hire offshore development team in India, outsource software development to India hire php programmers, hire .net programmers, hire asp programmers, hire java programmers, hire C# programmers in India
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Why Hire?

At outsource-to-india, you can get professional, high skilled dedicated programmers who work exclusively on your projects, on a contract basis. Essentially it is like hiring your own team minus the high salaries, infrastructure costs and other overheads. Outsourcing your IT needs to your development team in India can help you save time and resources to concentrate on your core business.

Outsourcing your software development to us leads you to great savings. You pay a set up fee and a flat monthly fee based on the skill level and experience of the programmer hired. No hidden fees. No gray areas. You sign an SLA that clearly defines each party’s roles and responsibilities.

Hiring a development team with outsource-to-india gives you the benefit of flexibility, reliability and accountability. We focus not just on quality of deliverables but also on deadlines and continuous communication. Again, in a real world scenario, one’s IT needs change as you grow. That is why we ensure flexibility in our operations to allow for any contingencies.

Whether you are a one man organization or a large firm with several offices worldwide, you can benefit tremendously through hiring an offshore development team for your IT needs. You can hire dedicated programmers to create custom software solutions for your business, to customize packaged software solutions to your business processes, to maintain and support existing applications.

Your dedicated programmers will work on your project 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

You can hire dedicated programmers with skills in the following domains:

  • PHP development
  • XML development
  • ASP.NET development
  • Visual Basic
  • VB.NET development
  • ASP development
  • C++ development
  • C# development
  • C#.NET development
  • JAVA development
  • SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Foxpro, MS Access

You can monitor your programmer's output on a daily basis through our standard reporting procedures.

If you are a web development firm, you could slash your costs drastically by hiring a full fledged development team in India. This team could work in conjunction with you/your project manager and/or your design team. We can help you develop your offshore team in India. Tell us the skill and experience level you want and we will choose the right mix of programmers for your offshore development team.

Responsibilities of the Programmers

Your dedicated programmers work exclusively on your projects and report directly to you on a daily basis . You may also set the periodicity of review updates to suit your convenience. You could communicate with your development team through email or phone.

Your dedicated programmers will work on the project plan provided by you or the Project Manager. In the unlikely case that you are dissatisfied with the programmer(s) assigned to you, you could request for a change, specifying the reason.

Work Timings:

Monday - Friday*: 3:30 - 11:30 GMT
* Excluding National Holidays in India

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